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Negotiation analytics and beyond

We ally our software and negotiation practice with your industry knowledge to create insight and help you win.


Improve the closing ratio

Use our technology to help design more competitive offers by simulating your counterparty's value perception and Maximum Bid Of Others

Optimize your deal's total value

Prevent the potential contract from leaving addressable value on the table for you and your counterparty, by exploring a plethora of possible value combinations

Streamline approval processes

Gain clarity on the best choices to make from a risk & reward perspective and ensure that your decision process is traceable and audit ready

Unlocking the power of analytics

After our joint 360º look into your negotiation context, we create a data structure departing from conservative assumptions. These include best estimations of key negotiation elements:  structural options, zones of possible agreement and utilities, which feed into our software. Depending on the problem, we run different algorithms from economical sciences, operations research and game theory. Why? Because we want to help you estimate the counterparty's evaluation model, the best response from your fiercest competitor and suggest possible offers that efficiently outbid the others, maximizing the value to your team with a controlled probability of success. This is Business Analytics merged with Negotiation.

Welcome to Negotiation Analytics. 


The Team

Andre Doria

Co-founder & CEO

André Dória is a Consultant at Value Negotiation Co. (VN) and an invited Professor at Porto Business School where he teaches Negotiation at the MBA and directs radically immersive, high-impact Executive Education programs. As the leader of Value Negotiation Technologies – a member of the VN Group - André seeks to materialize his vision: machines helping humans achieve more productive negotiations.

Previously, while teaching a Business Analytics elective at Católica Porto, André worked for Nokia Mobile Networks negotiation “SWAT” team as an advanced negotiations specialist at the Global Transformation Office, where he advised senior negotiators from preparation to design and execution of high-stakes projects in both procurement and sales settings. In addition to that, André served as Head of Sales in the Wind Power OEM Senvion SE, having negotiated CAPEX intensive deals with boards of directors from international investment funds.

Electrical engineer & computer scientist by training (Univ. Coimbra), he has worked in systems engineering at Daimler, Continental and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. He received his MBA from the Lisbon MBA / MIT Sloan School of Management, while directing the program’s Entrepreneurship Club. André is married and lives in Porto, Portugal.

Horacio Falcao


Horacio Falcão is the creator of the Value Negotiation method, founder of Value Negotiation Co. and Value Negotiation Tech, and a Senior Affiliate Professor at INSEAD. At INSEAD, he teaches Negotiation and he has earned the award for Best Elective Professor for 15 years. In his companies, he conducts negotiation training, coaching/advisory, and assistance.

Horacio worked at Cambridge Negotiation Strategies and CMI (a spin-off from the Harvard Negotiation Project) and earlier at two prestigious law firms in Brazil. He has worked for the International Court of Arbitration in Paris and mediated at the courts of Massachusetts. Trained in both civil and common law, Horacio graduated as an LL.M. from Harvard Law School. He received his MBA and his Masters in Organizational Psychology from INSEAD, and his PhD from Singapore Management University.

Horacio has worked all over the world, mediating complex disputes, facilitating dialogue, and developing negotiation & consensus building strategies. He combines this diverse and intense practice with a commitment to researching and writing on negotiation. He is the author of the book “Value Negotiation: How to finally get the win-win right.” Horacio is also an advisor and an angel investor in a variety of start-ups all over the world.

Rodrigo Gouveia


Rodrigo Gouveia is a Partner at Value Negotiation Co. and, for the past 6 years, an Adjunct Professor at INSEAD (teaching MBAs and Executive Education). Rodrigo has taught and consulted in negotiation with clients in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. He is the author of several negotiation role-plays and has supported his clients and coachees in hundreds of negotiations.

Examples of his consulting work are developing negotiation strategies for reimbursement of pharmaceutical products (a topic he is currently writing a book on), solving judicial conflicts between business owners, negotiating settlements, changing an industry business model, improving the negotiations of procurement divisions and working directly with C-level executives, politicians and football club leaderships on diverse challenges.

Rodrigo was previously a management consultant with Bain & Company. As a consultant, he assisted the management of a Brazilian financial group in tens of small projects, diagnosing and mediating between business units. 

Rodrigo graduated in Genetics and Microbiology and post-graduated in Probability and Statistics at the University of Lisbon. He earned a PhD in Biotechnology from the Technical University of Denmark, where he was a Post-Doctoral researcher. He published 10 scientific articles in international journals.


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