Automating Business Negotiations

Close optimal procurement deals, quickly and effortlessly

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Automated negotiation system for maximal value generation

We merge our win-win practice with game theory principles and negotiation analytics to deliver an effective process towards optimal outcomes.


less effort


higher deal value

Any industry, any contract

From logistics & transportation services to your car fleet renting, industrial equipment leasing or software development outsourcing and beyond, we got you covered.

  • Easy setup – Your intelligence, and AI
  • Low / No code platform
  • Endless use cases and custom templates
  • No more phone calls, emails and spreadsheets
  • Full traceability and transparency
  • High efficiency / low risk open-book approach

Results from a large-scale dry run with Lufthansa Group

VN Tech’s tools and tech solutions offer a pragmatic approach to create a true win-win through active customer interaction and negotiation.

Xavier Lagardère

VP Data Strategy & Transformation
at Lufthansa Group

Uncomplicated UX [user experience], straightforward to test and fun to use which drives participation and conversion.

Thabea Taeschner

Change Driver
at Lufthansa Group

The open exchange, dialogue and team’s agility and willingness to adapt contributed to the speedy & successful implementation.

Justus Rueckert

Refund Automation Lead
at Lufthansa Group

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We help you build optimal deals


Boost customer satisfaction by offering the other side what they value most at the lowest possible cost for you.


Know when you maximized the deal value for all parties involved, when to ask for or give more, and when to walk away.


Let our software solutions do the heavy and repetitive lifting, while you and your negotiation teams remain in control of the strategic decisions and critical moves.

improve your workflow

and always be in control

Enable your business teams to plan and execute the best moves possible with all clarity and controlled flexibility.

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Human to

Degree of

Machine to

Focus on the customer

Competetive focus

Focus on the competition

Core Module

Create a library of negotiation terms. Enable your teams with capability for promoting efficient offers and counteroffers,
on the spot. Monitoring Dashboards and APIs avaiable.

Tender Simulation

Use our simulation technology to design the optimal
bid, controlling your risk aversion and winning in the most efficient way.


Use our smart contract interface to let your counterparties fine tune your offers as you see fit. Close one, or hundreds of similar negotiations with one single click!

VN Buyer

Invite suppliers to negotiate in different e-auction formats, allowing them to offer more value beyond price in a risk-controlled setup.

See how we can make
this work for you.

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Meet the core team

We are a team of negotiation scientists with decades of advisory experience supporting large corporates and governments globally.

Andre Doria

Co-founder & CEO

Horacio Falcao

Co-founder / Chief Negotiation Officer

Rodrigo Gouveia


A few enthusiastic testers!

Renato Cruz Head of Procurement NewPower SA

The interactive chart (value map) is very enriching as it shows little explored situations and adds new paths to negotiation

Ashis Dutta Negotiation Concept Expert, Nokia Global Transformation Unit

In my opinion it closes a gap in the existing negotiation field by providing the capability to minimize subjective decision making in a negotiation.

Benedict Heng INSEAD MBA 20J

The platform allows the negotiator to plan, react and formulate responses to his or her counterparty within seconds, enabling parties to focus more resources on value-creating negotiation

Paula Pereira da Silva Head of Commercial, GALP Brazil

Excellent! Simplifies any negotiations - adjusts to any industry, company or business

Dragos Axinte CEO Novo Fogo

It gave me a lot of understanding of the issues that were important to me and the ranges that were acceptable prior to this big meeting